KRZR on Sprint in November

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Moto Krzr
I’ve been with Sprint for a while, and have had good phones and bad phones… but now I’ve just grown tired of carrying around the big Treo 650. I want a small phone. With my new job I don’t need access to my email — they provide me with a BlackBerry. But I want a phone that is not a total piece of crap, that is, I want a small phone and one that will sync with my computer so that I have all my contacts on the phone– I’m not going to type them all in via the interface on the phone. Also, it has to have good reception, as Sprint (and almost all carriers) in West Philadelphia is sketchy at best. I expect to get calls to my cell phone in my house. Which is asking for a lot apparently, in Philadelphia.
I was very happy to read recently that the Motorola KRZR, the smaller version of the Razr is coming to Sprint in November. So I’ll wait for that. The current crop of Sprint phones leave much to be desired. They are probably fine phones, if all you want to do is make calls with them- but try attaching a Sanyo or Samsung phone to a Macintosh. Those two have never made any effort to provide connectivity with your PC- Mac or XP. All the Motorola’s have had built in USB (as least, all the RAZRS and KRZRS).

So I wait.

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