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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted here- but it’s nothing I’m sure you haven’t read on dozens of other blogs. I’m in a gadget deficit, and I switched jobs to one that keeps me much busier than I was before. I’m now working back in an office, for Comcast Interactive Media, and I enjoy being back that environment, having spent the last few years working from home. Luckily, getting to work is just a 15 minute Trolley ride from my houst in West Philly. Of course as soon as I gave up the work-at-home and started back at a corporate gig there has been an interesting upsurge in communal working groups- there is one here in Philly. But for now, Comcast is cool and it’s a small tight group, and we’re working on interesting web properties that will launch soon.

The big change is that I don’t have enough time or energy to mess with the pile of servers in my basement that have been hosting things for the past few years. And Comcast gives me free Cable & Internet, but I don’t get static IPs. So I’m canceling my trusty ADSL and my longtime DCAnet static ips…. and moving my web properties to Dreamhost. So far they have a really inexpensive pricing and a decent web-interface to manage Domain regs, DNS hosting and web hosting. I’m moving all my domains (regs) away from the horrible NSI to DH. I also moving away from keeping my DNS at DNSpark (they have been the target of a few DDOS attacks which have crippled them). Soon everything should be neatly located in one web-control panel. In can get 1 year of web hosting (unlimited domains and tons of space) for about $120, and there are cupons all over the web that give you $97 off the first year…. cheap. Moving over Domain regs is just $10 for a year. Way cheaper than NSI.

I have lots of postings floating around, and I’ll try to get them down. My biggest lust right now is the N800 of course, but so far I’ve been able to hold off, I hate to just get it because then I’ll never use my 770 again. I guess I’ll have to find someone to give it to.

The AppleTV looks cool, but I need to upgrade my old 4:3 TV and get a new HD LCD as soon as I can convince my wife we really do need it.

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