Size of iPhone vs Nokia 770

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I took some pictures showing the size difference between the 770 and iPhone. iPhone is really is smaller than you’d first think. Unfortunately, it also has a lower resolution screen than the 770. The zoom feature makes up for that somewhat (see the last picture in this post for an example of a zoom). It is nice that Safari always renders the whole page, so there is not any horizontal scrolling (unless you pinch-zoom). On the 770, boing-boing was wider than the screen and so it used a horizontal scroll. You can see that Safari didn’t render the flash banner add on the top of boing-boing. You can also notice in the first picture that Safari does a better job of using larger fonts- the smaller screen is more readable than on the 770.

The touch-screen on iPhone is remarkably different than what is on the 770- it only requires the lightest touch of a finger, not physical pressure. Using a stylus on iPhone doesn’t work- the screen is using the conductivity of your flesh to make contact, more like a touch pad on a laptop than a traditional touch-screen.

You can click on each of these to load a larger version in a new window.

Iphone-770 1

The iPhone and the 770 both rendering boingboing.

Iphone-770 2

Iphone-770 3

Size comparison- stacked up.

Iphone-770 4
The iPhone’s tabs – multiple windows open. You slide the windows left and right to go to each one.

Iphone-770 5

Safari zoomed for the main column of text on boing-boing.

7 thoughts on “Size of iPhone vs Nokia 770

  1. Mmmm, I would call the Nokia 770/800 MIDs rather than phone device. Not much of a phone on them. Skype does not count. The iPhone is a MID that just also has a phone…. I use mobile safari way more than the phone on my iPhone.

  2. oh, another interesting point is that the 770 was the first phone device (I think?) to have the full screen keyboard interface, although nokia were particularly lazy assed in making it work well, unfortunately. They deserve to suffer from Apple’s appearance inthis market as they had the vision to follow these risks through.

  3. the 770 is not really a fair comparison either – the later model 800 is more reasonable. I use Minimo on my 770 anyway :)

    but an interesting read as I think apple looked a lot at this device in their design phase – as well as the e61.

  4. D’oh. I’ll have to enable that and compare the links again. Thanks for the tip.

  5. PM

    You select “optimized view” in menu “view”.

  6. How do you enable that on the 770?

  7. Opera on the 770 has an optimized mode where it renders the page differently to make it fit the screen width without scrolling.

    It’s actually better to have horizontal scrolling on sites that have fixed-width useless sidebars, as long as the main column of text fits on screen. I think for this reason Opera on the 770 doesn’t use optimize mode by default.

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