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There was immediate and critical response to Steve Job’s announcement of the SDK for iPhone…. use html. But is Apple on to something? Forcing eager developers to use the open standards of the web? Forsaking almightly Flash? No IDE? Apple seemed by many to be channeling the Reality Distortion Field at full blast. But the more I read about this, especially in regards to dumping Flash (and I don’t think Apple will release it for iPhone) it seems that Apple may be helping foster a new, more open, standards-based category of web applications– freed from the sluggish, cpu hogging stinking pile of crap that is Flash. Because what has been happening so far, and so rapidly, is amazing to me. A growing hot bed of activity is the google groups organized by iPhoneWebDev. How hot is this? So hot that a few old skool Newton developers are kicking around with web apps for iPhone. Both Hardy Macia and Serg Koren have posted recently, and I’m not surprised that they are embracing the iPhone development as it stands now. Javascript is probably pretty easy compared to NewtonScript.

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  1. Lame_Dude

    Oh yep, yet another so called “open” platform.Where it is only Apple who can run fast and lightweight native code and others have to suck with slow and jerky HTML crap.Try to code player with own codecs, yep?N800 for example while comes without ogg support out of the box, can deal with ogg decompression on the fly when running alternative players\codecs.Not a case for Apple though since web crap is a way too slow to decode ogg in real time :).So, even if jail looks like a golden palace, it is still jail.That’s all what really matters.Apple is actually as evil as MS, the only difference is that they’re smaller so they have to use other methods :)

  2. It’s looks like iUi can do a lot for the CSS, unless you are doing it all from scratch yourself.

    IANAP, but I can’t believe JS is as wickely twisted as NS. I stick with Ruby and Bash. :)

  3. It’s the CSS/html that’s a bugger to figure out.

    Javascript and Newtonscript are about the same. There was one point where I was trying to do something in javascript and once I figured it out, I was like wow, I haven’t been able to do anything like this since NewtonScript. There’s still one or two things that was easier to do in NewtonScript, but it could be that I just haven’t mastered enough of the Javascript yet. (C on the Palm sucks.)

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