iPhone vs N800 Quick Comparison

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Apple iPhone: ARM CPU @ 667mhz [Samsung], 128Mb ram, 8GB Flash
Nokia N800: ARM CPU @ 320mhz [TI], 128Mb ram, 256Mb Flash

N800 has dual SD cards for more Flash, iPhone has no way to extend the 8Gb. N800 has a bigger screen, higher DPI but doesn’t have the light-touch touch-screen like the iPhone. I’d still consider getting a N800 to replace my 770 if the price drops. I’d like to use ITOS2007 and have Flash 9 available for browsing– especially now since Mozilla has just been released for ITOS2007. We’ll probally never see Flash in the iPhone, but who knows. I just don’t think Apple will do it.

4 thoughts on “iPhone vs N800 Quick Comparison

  1. Rikki

    Why won’t you buy the N800? Is there even another in the pipeline?

  2. Yes, I’ve seen the keyboard and it’s awesome. I certianly think that Nokia can make the Nseries tablets much better by imitating the interface of the iPhone. That interface is a much better way to interact with any hand-held device.

    I just wish I could use that software on my 770, as I don’t have any plans to purchase an N800. Perhaps their next device in the series, but not the 800.

  3. Steve

    Because of the open-source nature of n800 you’re already starting to see iphone-like functionality like the keyboard and touch-screen scroll.

  4. lame_dude

    Well, with new firmware n800 supports 2 SDHC cards at least up to 8 Gb each.This is 16Gb on board.He-he.

    Also it does supports Skype now.As well as SIP, Jabber and GTalk.And flash V9.As well as playing ogg files and there is powerful Pidgin and Xchat to have some fun and chat using virtually any popular protocol :).Come on, Apple.Try to beat this :-P.Sexy design is good for those with empty heads.But smart people will also take a look on what is inside, and iPhone has nothing interesting here.

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