Next Internet Tablet to include Phone?

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Nokia must be responding internally to the iPhone mania. The question is, will it be a more advanced smartphone, or a phone enabled internet tablet? Scoble asked around and only got some smiles. Can Nokia really continue to push the Internet Tablet line, sans phone, now that the iPhone has set the bar so high? Nokia has some cool devices, good technology, mature development infrastructure and a lot of community based support and coding efforts. But relying only on wi-fi will not enable a truly mobile communications device. They have something ready to replace the N800. Will they strap a phone onto it? Will they dump Opera for Mozilla or build-out their Webkit browser? That would certainly be in the arena for an iPhone competitor.

For all the committed Nokia users out there, hating the iPhone buzz– if you haven’t seen this page yet, give it a look. Why? ’cause someone thinks that The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. Perhaps Nokia’s answer to the iPhone is already here, it’s just losing marketing game.

8 thoughts on “Next Internet Tablet to include Phone?

  1. I think that as time passes, we’ll see Apple open up the iPhone more and more. I hope this is the case.

    You are correct in that the N770/800 is much more hackable than the iPhone. But the iPhone has just been out less than 1 month. Lets give it some time. Apple can’t keep such a device this closed up for too long.

  2. lame_dude

    Btw, Nokia n800 has also support for VoIP using Skype, SIP, Jabber and GTalk.And with 3rd party software like Pidgin and Xchat you can chat using MSN, IRC, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and more.Maybe, iPhone can beat all this?Nope, it just a dumb dialer :P

  3. lame_dude

    iPhone is just another proprietary and closed phone with fixed applications set, dozens of restriction, etc.You cannot replace built-in apps with your own apps or add new apps similar in size or speed.On iPhone you can run web-based craplets at very best, hardly can be considered as a an ability to run apps, this is not even smart phone, just a dialer and player.Yes, with stylish design.But still pretty dumb.N800 in contrast is open and you can change virtually anything if you really wish to do so.It’s like comparing oranges and apples.They’re completely different.One is just advanced (but non-smart) phone.Other is web tablet where you’re allowed to run ANY apps (including small and fast binary apps like players, etc).And I’m pretty happy with my n800 and it is cool that it does not introduces restrictions on what I can run so it rather resembles computer than a restricted phones.But well, there is already open phone ongoing at, maybe it is a time for Nokia to learn the lesson and take same hardware design ideas where only GSM part is proprietary and remaining part is open?

  4. James

    I really hope it doesn’t have a phone. Since I use mine as a pocket portable way of talking to my servers when I’m not in the office nothing could be worse than trying to work on the box and talk on the phone at the same time.

    Adding a phone would only weigh it down, physically and other wise. To me it makes as much sense as installing phone hardware in my laptop.

  5. Well, I live in the US and so I only have access to US carriers. And the iPhone fits the bill for a sleek, sexy phone. I’m just pondering if Nokia is going to come out with something more like the iPhone than like say, the N900.

  6. Charles

    Have you seen how big the N800 is – do you really want to talk into it in public? Perhaps with a BT headset it might be less embarassing but I prefer to carry a small and light phone with me.

    If US carriers cripple phone functionality, isn’t it time you considered buying SIM free phones in order to get the functionality the manufacturers intended?

  7. You must have it easier over there than here. American carriers suck– they only seem to excel in extracting profits and crippling the bluetooth profiles on their phones. I’d always had a hard time using my Sprint phones (the few that had BT) as a modem.

    I also don’t want to have to carry two phones, charge two devices, and keep the data between them sync’ed up. In fact, it was the sync issues that prompted me to start this blog a while back. Integrating the Phone and PDA makes all your information available, and it makes it easier to communicate.

  8. tso


    the n800 have bluetooth, so whats the big deal?

    the iphone only have edge outside of a wifi zone, something just about any other phone can supply these days. so partner a n800 with any phone and your go.

    yep that means your carrying two devices, but i really dont see the issue with that. but then im a european so maybe i have a different take on portability ;)

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