The Power of Marketing

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Amazing. I wonder how much Apple spent on the marketing for iPhone launch?

Speaking of the iPhone, I’ve been happily using mine since release and I’ve been able to do what I wanted to for the past few years: use a PDA sized device to browse my favorite websites and have them render on the device in an acceptable time frame. Using the iPhone for browsing is a delight and is many times faster than my n770. The cpu in the iPhone is a screamer. I can listen to music via the iPod functions and browse (with multiple ‘tabs’) with ease- as long as I’m in wifi range. Edge is pokey, but the majority of my browsing is a work and at home, where there is plentiful wifi. Nothing else near this size can render pages this fast- it’s faster than some older laptops I’ve used.

And having a real working phone to boot is just one less thing I have to carry around. I’m sure there is a place for the Internet Tablets, but the 770 was never so useful as this iPhone has been in just a few days of using it. My 770 is fun to hack around with for a few hours at a time, but I’ve never been able to use it like i can the iPhone. And just imagine what is going to spill out once Apple gets a SDK out. Ebook readers alone will be a killer app. A lot of possibilities.

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  1. James: iPhone can read Word files- just attach one to an email and send it to your friend.

    As for the exchange, you can use safari to connect to the Exchange webmail service, which is what the 770/800 were doing also.

    The rest of the serivces that you mention are coming. Think back to what was available for the 770 when it was only out for 4 weeks. Not much.

  2. Andi

    I think the main plus point for an iphone is that it comes totally installed and configured.
    To do the same things with a Nokia Internet Tablet, you have to spend some time, in searching, installing, configuring and understanding apps.

    MfG ah

  3. James

    Ok, I can see right now that what you want is a phone with neat features. Not a laptop in you pocket. The iPhone being what it is, is to me useless. The one guy in my office who has one also carries a Treo. Why? because the Treo allows him to get mail. The iPhone won’t sync up to the company exchange server. My 770 did, my n800 does.

    The iPhone doesn’t allow me to ssh, IM (multiple services) browse my bank (Safari doesn’t work) VPN in, read word docs etc etc. All of these I did on my 770 and do on my n800.

    I guess it boils down to do you need a phone with PIM or a small laptop with SIP.

  4. […] For all the committed Nokia users out there, hating the iPhone buzz– if you haven’t seen this page yet, give it a look. Why? ’cause someone thinks that The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. Perhaps Nokia’s answer to the iPhone is already here, it’s just losing marketing game. […]

  5. Jirka:
    Nearly every blog and news site has columns that work perfectly with iPhone. I’m sure there are other sites out there that can’t work as well, but if we are talking about using it as a portable news device, most of the site containing news and info work great w/ iPhone. Obviously any site that relies on flash is out also.

    I don’t think iPhone will follow the iPod upgrade path at all. This really is a PDA, not an iPod. the iPods paved the way for the iPhone. They are much more limited in scope and features as to what they can do. The hardware in them is designed not as a general purpose computing device but as a media player. iPhone is designed as a computer, and has the chips, processing power and flexible OS to accomplish this. I can’t see many parallels betwen iPod and iPhone, beyond the fact that they are devices made by Apple.

  6. jirka

    Unfortunately, many sites don’t use collumns (or they have really wide collumns) so most probably the iPhone’s approach will not help too much.

    I am sure that Apple will add features to the iPhone. But question is if they will closely follow the iPod way (you need to buy new device if you have to use additional features – for example an old iPod mini can’t use Apple Radio Remote – the hardware is compatible, even the remote works functionality is OK but the integrated radio is unsupported).

  7. The 770 has a better screen yes, but sites look great on iPhone. iPhone renders the entire page, which is of course unreadable. But, nearly all (or all?) textual content on web sites is columnar – so if you do a quick tap on the text column, it zooms up and resizes automatically, and then the font is rendered and is very readable. You have to see it to believe it- it zooms in and out almost instantly.

    iPhone has bluetooth, but you can’t hookup a keyboard (yet?). AFAIK it’s just bt headsets that work. But realize that this is just the first release. I’m sure more and more will be added.

    Can people recall the very first release of ITOS 2005? Every update that followed enabled more and more features.

  8. jirka

    But iPhone have to be faster than poor old Nokia 770. Just because the 770 is more than 2 years old. So today the 770 may be several times slower than iPhone but it is also several times cheaper.

    But what about rendering of web sites? I know that Apple has usually beatiful fonts etc. but the iPhone has 480×320 screen and the 770 has 800×480. So can web sites look better on the iPhone?

    And it is possible to connect a bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone?

    I use my 770 for web, email, PIM, ebooks, for writing (I use the Abiword) and for computing (there is a Gnumeric, Mathomatic,…) and also for video (and for work – some structural mechanics and so) every day and I don’t see any problems. I can’t imagine a better device (the iPhone can be faster for e-mail or for web but it is totally useless for other task). From my point of view the iPhone can’t beat the Nokia 770.

  9. dillera

    there will be no public SDK for the iphone period. When my company contacted apple about making games for it, they told us that if they want our games on it, they would contact us to do it. The SDK exists, yes, but it will never be public. Apple approached Google to write the apps.

    After having used the iPhone for a few hours, the only good thing about it is the nice zooming effect. Everything else is destroyed by the N800 in every possible way.

  10. The SDK is coming out- there is no way that Apple can refuse to release something. The Google Maps, Weather and Stocks apps all prove that it exists. They are probably waiting for Leopard and Dashcode.

  11. Hey- I paid $400 for my N770 when it came out. That’s pretty close in cost. The contract price isn’t part of the equation- unless you currently don’t have a cell phone. I do have a cell phone, and I’m actually paying less now with the special iPhone plans on ATT than I did on Sprint with their data plan.

    The 770 is nice, don’t get me wrong- it’s just that it never rendered web pages faster than a glacier melting, and so 80% of what I wanted it for never materialized. Oh, and 10% more was for email, which never worked. The best thing the 770 did (and does) is Ebook reading. Excellent screen.

  12. skeptic

    Gosh, a device that costs $500-1000 (after allowing for the contract price) and was just released is reviewed by someone who managed to get one first thing as being more useful than a a device that’s more than a year old and just went into clearance at $129 a pop.

    Using an iphone for ebooks would be nice though.


    i would not hold my breath for a sdk. that is unless a ajax based ebook reader would be acceptable for you…

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