Managing multiple JMX controls on Tomcat

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jmanage.gifWe had another puzzle at work again. How to manage all the JMX controls that the devlopers had nicely written for us using little tiny MBeans.

Normally, the devs just ssh -X over to their tomcat instance and fire up the jmx console via X. This won’t scale out to 10’s of tomcat nodes. And we have to manage some custom controls on each node.

A great open-source app that handles this smartly is jManage. It’s a self-contained jetty container and app. It deploys quickly and is a snap to setup.

Their Tomcat directions were empty, but I figured out how to make it work with some googling. I’ve since updated their Tomcat Wiki page with the directions. It’s easy. If you need something like this to consolidate JMX management, jManage is just the lightweight tool you need.

[UPDATE 7/25] A good page from sun on JMX Management.

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