OpenEinstein build 48 for Nokia 770

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logo_light.gifI’ve complied OpenEinstein 2007-07 build 48. Current as of today. You can download it below. It’s about 1.8 megs, bzipped. It will expand into a 16 meg file.

Feel free to download the binary here. You’ll need this file also: Einstein.rex. The last thing you need of course is a real Newton ROM, so please have that handy. Directions are in the manual— it’s worth the read if you are going to try and run this.

I’m still trying to figure the best way to make this run on the 770. I like killing the maemo_af_desktop, so that the OpenE isn’t locked into it, but sometimes OpenE won’t start. If someone has it going full screen on the 770, please add a comment for your exact startup line. I still haven’t gotten it to go the full 800×480 on the 770.

10 thoughts on “OpenEinstein build 48 for Nokia 770

  1. spiderxman

    sorry! I forget make it executable :)
    But it’s did’n work :(

    I unpack files in /home/user/MyDocs/.document/newton

    after make execute and run “./einstein” platform loads and type:
    Welcome to Einstein console.
    This is Einstei Platform 2007.7
    ./einstein — syntax error
    syntax is ./einstein [option] path_to_data

    Ok. ROM file copied in same dir and named 717006. I type “./einstein 717006”

    sysyem type:
    Welcome to Einstein console.
    This is Einstei Platform 2007.7
    Can’t start ROM file ‘717006/717006’

    ok. I rename “717006” to “rom-image”

    sysyem type:

    Can’t start ROM file ‘rom-image/717006’

    And if I creat subfolder “rom-image” and move 717006 into, after run “./einstein rom-image” system type:

    ROM file should be 8MB long

    But file “717006” – 8.9MB!!! And, of course, this ROM full works on Einstei Platform 2007.7 for Windows!!!

    :( WTF?

  2. spiderxman

    Small stupid question: how run it on 770?

    I unpack and copied three files (*.rex, ROM and 16 megs of binary OpenEinstein) to internal memory (into created dir “Newton”). Binary was renamed to “einstein” :)
    Then I type in x-term “./einstein” and…

    “./einstein: permission denided” :(((

  3. The Mobile King…

    Nokia literally rules the world of mobile handsets worldwide and there might be hardly…

  4. joey

    wow, didn’t know this existed. yeah I second that “get it running on n810”

    any tips on formatting mmc for bootability, using osx? or windows? or ubuntu? or whatever…

  5. Well, thanks for providing the compiled binaries; I was about halfway through the process and Leopard was giving up on me. I managed to get everything installed but when I try to run I get:

    $./einstein .
    This is Einstein Platform 2007.7
    Creating image…

    -The ROM came from my (2000->)2100, “Senior CirrusNoDebug image”, named 717006
    -I copied from the card to the internal store.
    -The three files are there.
    -They’re all chmod 777

    I’m not sure how to exit the maemo_af_desktop

    Anyhow, thanks for any help you can offer; I’d love to see this thing run (so I can rationalize an N810!)


  6. I think it will require Paul to get it working on the iphone, but it doesn’t seem that impossible, since it is running osx and uses an arm chip.

  7. Has anyone got this compiled for iPhone yet?
    I also wondered, now there is an iPaq/HTX linux, could you compile it for that and replace the windows OS totaly on the iPaq with a Newton emu OS?
    iPaq hardware running native linux/newton OS seems amazing.

  8. So it isn’t up to the speed of a MP2000, is it asa fast as an emate? I used the lst build on a Zaurus 5500, but it took literally 1-2 minutes to convert HW.

  9. It is not fast enough yet to be usable (usable meaning ‘faster than a real MP2000’) however, speed increases are promised.

  10. How’s the speed?

    When it first came out for the 770 it seemed a little too slow to be usable. but if it is usable now I’ll have to pick up an eBook cheap on eBay to get myself a ROM.

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