Flash 10.1 Beta2 plugin for Chrome Browser in Karmic

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So if you have the 1201N you really should have the Flash 10.1 Beta2 plugin, which supports the ION chip in your Netbook and plays back flash video content near flawlessly and with minimal CPU overhead.

After you download the flash beta, you extract it and run a simple installer from a shell that wants to know the lib dir of your browser. It won’t recognize Chrome’s installation dir (in /opt/google) and so it’ won’t install directly to Chrome, but you can install for Firefox first and just copy the player over to Chrome.

Running the Flash Player installer, it will ask:

Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,
or Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla):

For the Karmic Firefox 3.5.x you would use:


and the installer will install the player into


To get this to work in Google Chrome, you need to do a few manual steps.

First, copy the flashplayer from the FF installation into /opt/google/chrome/plugins (you may need to create the dir):

# mkdir /opt/google/chrome/plugins
# cp /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.7/plugins/libflashplayer.so /opt/google/chrome/plugins

Then you have to make sure the Nautilus Launcher launches Chrome while telling it to check for plugins:

[RIGHT-CLICK]Applications/Edit Menus
Select Internet/Chrome, click on the Properties button

add the text –enable-plugins between the chrome and the %U.

Now close eveything and then launch Chrome from the Applications/Internet/Chrome menu.

Here is Hulu:

And there you go, Flash with accelerated ION video in Chrome.

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