EEE PC 1201N Motherboard Photos

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Some photos I took when upgrading the HD on the EEE PC 1201N.

There is a spot for a 3G connector on the MB, but nothing is soldered onto the MB to accept a SIM chip.

1201N Motherboard top:


This is what you see after you remove the keyboard, unscrew the screws for the shield underneath the keyboard, unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom holding in the top of the case, and gently pry apart the top of the case all the way around the edge as it has little tiny legs on the top of the case that lock in with friction to the bottom of the case.

And a close up:


2 thoughts on “EEE PC 1201N Motherboard Photos

  1. That looks like the wifi card is below the ribbon cable at the bottom. Is that a regular mini pci or a half-mini?

  2. You should make a quick youtube video of removing the keyboard and top to access the hard drive :)

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