EEE PC 1201N vs Macbook Air

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I’ve been trying to use the 1201N as my daily machine, at least in place of my Macbook Air. There are several advantages the 1201N has over the Air, and several disadvantages

– 4GB of RAM
– Plenty of disk space
– Smaller size

– No wifi after sleep, or sometimes after disconnecting from network
– Short Battery life
– Can run Omnigraffle
– Funky trackpad

The biggest issue with the Air is the the measly 80GB hard drive, it just isn’t enough space. Upgrading it in this 1st gen Air is not financially feasible, as the HD costs as much as the 1201N itself. Not having Omnigraffle is forcing me to go back to the Mac for that one app. So far OpenOffice has been great at editing the various file I’m forced to deal with at work.

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