Current Issues with 1201N and Ubuntu 9.10

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Issues that I’m trying to fix:

1. Dual monitors (using the VGA out)
Issue: Connecting a monitor or projector to the VGA is a PITA. The Nvidia Control panel detects it, but cannot enable it without re-writing a new Xorg.conf file, which is owned by root, and so the new file must be written to /tmp and moved over, then X needs to be restart-ed. Even then, moving an open window into the 2nd screen won’t always work, even though the screen is there and I can move the mouse into the window.

Aso, the GPU acceleration seems off when a 2nd screen is connected via VGA. I haven’t tried the HDMI out yet.

[01/24/10] SOLVED: See my page on the wiki where I’m also tracking these issues and solutions.

2. Microphone not working
Issue: I installed Skype and it worked great w/ the video camera, however the microphone does not work, even though Skype detected it and claims that it is there.

3. Trackpad
Issues: Multiple issues
– trying to get multitouch to work – Fixed, logged and source.
– trying to turn it off when a mouse is present
– getting middle mouse button when emulating 3 buttons (the mouse button is a rocker, so clicking both is impossible)

2 thoughts on “Current Issues with 1201N and Ubuntu 9.10

  1. Hey thanks for that link- I’m going to try that out today. the microphone is one of the things that I haven’t been able to get working, and I want to use skype.

  2. TreibAir

    Thanks for the advice with the WiFi. I have solved the Ubuntu Microphone problem on my 1201N using the ALSA upgrade script posted here

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