Plex vs. XMBC on AppleTV

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So now that XMBC is available for AppleTV2 it’s time to compare it to Plex. I’ve played around with them for the past few days and can say that: Plex is worth the extra complexity. I’ve been told (never having used XBMC) that Plex was ‘just a port’ of it, so why not use XBMC itself?

The additional categorization and features from Plex easily outweigh the need to have a dedicated server (if you have a system sitting around).

Big issue with XBMC is that it’s memory hog- it runs up ram and causes a LowTide reset often in the middle of movies. Plex rarely does this.

I’m working on a more thorough write up on the features, but TL;DR is that Plex wins hands-down at this point.

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