Android Still Sucks at 4.3

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When Android 4.3 API18 came out I pulled my old Nexus 7 out of the drawer, charged it, let it update to 4.3.18 and tried to use it for the next three days, leaving my iPad mini in the drawer instead.


What I found out was: Android OS still sucks unbelievably bad. It’s kinda a joke that people use this. It just sucks.

One unexpected fact is that for some reason, Plex for Android is nicer than Plex for iOS. The UI is nicer, and it plays with sound some videos that inexplicably, Plex cannot transcode properly on my iPad or AppleTV.

What is up with Android?

Why do they have this issue with two places to launch apps? This thing you get when you first turn it on, and then the “Applications” – which you must apparenly launch. It’s nuts. Just put all my apps in one place and let me run them. I suppose it’s for widgets, but when I’m not using my tablet, I want it off, I don’t need widgets to show me things. I use apps for that.

And just navigating and touching still seems to have this 10ms delay that is not on the iPad. There is some sort of distinct sharpness that iOS has that Android lacks. Perhaps it is the fault of the hardware manufacturers, I don’t know. But it’s there and it drives me crazy- and it must drive all the other users of Android crazy, unless they are just not aware of reality like I am.

The screen is nice. The battery life sucks suck sucks. This this is good for one thing: to give to my 5 year-old daughter for Netfix, so that I can have my iPad Mini back without any whining.

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