Nexus 7 and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

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Not much to say here, other than it works great, however I had a real hard time figuring out how to pair it.

They key is to put the keyboard in Pairing mode, then navigate on the N7: Settings/Wireless & Networking/Bluetooth. Make sure BT toggeled on, then you have to touch it (touch the Bluetooth setting) to get into the settings page….


Screenshot 2012 07 20 11 32 50


Then you can clearly see the Apple Keyboard and select it. After you type in the 4 digit code that the N7 give you, you are ready. It really works nicely with Better Terminal Emulator Pro.


Screenshot 2012 07 20 11 57 04

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  1. ali

    thank you very much, but how can i change keyboard language? i tried every thing but no result, if you can send your answer to my email i will be thankful.

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