OSX Mountain Lion and Java

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Mountain Lion doesn’t ship with a java jre or jdk. And it removes the Apple one that was working in Lion. Installing the latest Apple sanctioned Lion Java Update results in exceptions.

[Update July 29th – it seems there is an jre from apple now that will auto-install]


Nothing yet from Apple, but don’t worry- the Oracle JDK7 works fine.

Just go to Oracle’s download site and download the latest JDK for OSX. You may need to signup, but it’s free.

There is some official blogging from Oracle about this. Enjoy.


My bash profile defined my JAVA_HOME, and after upgrading to ML I saw this logging in:

Unable to find any JVMs matching version "(null)". 
No Java runtime present, try --request to install.


After installing the JDK7 from oracle it’s fine.

[14:09][dillera~]$ javac -version 
javac 1.7.0_04



3 thoughts on “OSX Mountain Lion and Java

  1. Chrome 64bit has finally been released for OSX. Now I can stop using Chromium for the Java Applets.

  2. I have had additional issues in the run-around between Oracle and Apple for Mountain Lion.

    I have to run one Applet- a HP ILO applet, and the only thing that works these days in the browsers without a huge fight is installing Oracle’s JDK7 for OSX, then using Firefox. All the other browsers still seem to block applets.

  3. gobsm@cked

    Thanks for this. After upgrading to Mountain Lion I found I couldn’t start Java applications such as Netbeans 7.2, receiving the above error. However after seeing this post I entered “javac” into the Mac OS X terminal and JRE was installed and now Netbeans is working again.

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