Atari 1088XEL

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The Atari 1088XEL is an amazing beast which truly brings your Atari 8bit into the modern world. Using the actual, original 8bit chips it provides a modern hardware platform to not only run Atari without emulation but connect and enjoy modern peripherals and upgrades which can transform the 8bit use into a entirely different experience.

XEL b and white

The creator of the 1088 best describes it:

This is a complete ground up redesign of the Atari 8-Bit Computer Motherboard still utilizing the standard Atari VLSI chips, but recreated in a Mini-ITX Form Factor (17 cm x 17 cm). The idea behind this project was to take several devices I had been working on (i.e., TK-II, MouseTari, and VGATE), along with the U1MB and UAV upgrades by Lotharek and AtariAge member Bryan, and integrate them into a cohesive package that would fit a plethora of readily available Mini-ITX enclosures.

With the 1088 you can connect to modern displays (using DVI) modern keyboards (PS/2) and modern disks (CompactFlash). And still insert carts and use SIO devices to mix and match the modern with the retro. The inclusion of the Ultimate 1meg expansion allows a completely new way to interact and use the Atari. I’ve only just gotten mine and I’m going to spend time exploring and documenting it’s usage as I learn more about it.


There is a good history of the creation of the 1088XEL by mytec over at the Atari8 website in the UK. You can see how the 1088XEL became the platform to integrate a whole slew of Atari 8bit hardware enhancements. They also have documentation and technical specs.

Images in Action

XEL back of case

Back of the case

XEL on with kb
Booting into Atari8 GUI

XEL boot screen u1m

Boot screen

XEL running uno cart

Running UNO Cart

More to come.

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