1088XEL The Missing Manual

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I’ve been diving deeper into the 1088XEL and the U1MB Firmware that drives all it’s pieces and it’s a fascinating system. It’s primarily three parts: the 1088 itself, which collects all the new hardware bits (CF drives, PS/2 keyboard, DVI out, stereo sound) into one platform, the U1MB BIOS which drives, configures and boots the thing and SDX – SpartaDosX – the OS that provides a MS-DOS like shell for managing files and disks. Those three parts really combine to make the Atari 8bit into something like a modern machine.

My next phase will be to hook up the 850 expansion box I have and connect that to a RasperryPi and TCPSer so that I can explore some BBS and Plato systems using the 1088.

IMG 4523

As I’ve been working thru these tasks I’ve been documenting my work into a Missing Manual for the 1088. It’s current version is available here:

Atari 1088XEL Missing Manual

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