FujiNet available for ADAM

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There is an official FujiNet device available for ADAM computers.

ADAM FujiNet v1 0 Top 600x600

fujinet.online is the official web space for the FujiNet project. From there you will always be able to find hardware available, links to other vendors selling the hardware, the lastest firmware and support pages.

The FujiNet GitHub space is the official place for development and documentation for system bring-ups and latest info.

The Discord server is the official spot for up-to-the-moment info and discussion about FujiNet and a good place for some support when using the devices. The FujiNet is now sold for Atari and ADAM, and initial software support works for those systems plus Apple II (with SmartPort) and C64 is in a very alpha stage. Sinclair Spectrum, Atari Lynx, Tandy Model 100 and even S100 systems are being explored- with info on the Discord for those systems.

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