Disk Jockey – manage disk images

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An amazing utility for the Mac just popped up on my twitter feed and its looks like exactly what I need. Disk Jockey will

Disk Jockey is a macOS application that lets you create disk images and analyze existing ones.
It can create images that work in devices like BlueSCSI, FloppyEmu and RaSCSI, as well as in emulators like Basilisk II and Mini vMac.
It can analyze images that either contain a single volume, or entire devices. It can show the contents of HFS and MFS partitions. And it can perform a few neat tricks like converting an existing image that works on Basilisk II into an image that works on BlueSCSI or RaSCSI, or replacing your Lido SCSI driver by a classic driver that will improve performance in modern solutions.

This is just what I need to work on some blue scsi and floppyEmu images that have been buggin me (and I’ve just been living with).

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