FujiNet for AppleII

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FujiApple 0 3D

The very first Rev0 boards for the AppleII SmartPort platform have arrived back from build overseas and are being tested. What is learned from these will allow the Rev1 boards to be ordered and available for anyone to purchase and use on their Apple2. At this point the FN imitates a SmartPort disk drive- so it works with AppleII C, C+ and IIGS – or AppleII e or II+ that have a SmartPort card in them.

The development of FujiNet for the AppleII has been going strong for the past six months and the efforts of a few people (Primary JeffP – who will be presenting at KansasFest this year – July 22nd at 4pm) have culminated in this release. More info will be available on the FujiNet Online site when Rev1 boards are available for ordering.

Fujinet rev0 booting

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