OBS and App Audio Recording

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Capturing this here because it’s so bizarre to do this in 2022.

OSX Monterey, OBS running to record a running Altirra session (run via Crossover) and audio sounds like mud.

It sounds that way because it’s the mic on the display that is picking up the audio from the speakers… How can OBS pick up the direct audio from Altirra and just record it as part of the stream/file? Well…

Install the open source tool blackhole:

$ brew install blackhole-2ch

Screen Shot 2022 10 24 at 4 07 36 PM

Run Midi Setup, create a new aggregate device – set the direct-line output (speakers)

Screen Shot 2022 10 24 at 4 07 49 PM

Set Sound Prefs to use that as Output

Screen Shot 2022 10 24 at 4 08 09 PM

In OBS choose blackhole2 as the source for the Audio Capture

Screen Shot 2022 10 24 at 4 08 25 PM

Now you can record audio from Altirra in OBS and also just hear normal things you run on the Mac.

This was discussed here: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/mac-desktop-audio-using-blackhole.1191/

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