Cool App: Colloquy

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A really cool open source IRC client for OSX is called Colloquy. It’s very scriptable, has nice features and looks cool. Similar to Adium, this is quite extensible and has a flexible plugin architecture that has spawned some cool stylings for the gui already. Features are: buddy list, DCC support, AppleScriptable, totally open source (they are even using subversion) and a irssi core. Irssi core? The more I look at this, the more it really does resemble Adium in the way they are taking these low-level rock-solid open source core apps and drenching them with killer gui’s that really fit Aqua and the Mac. Adium is built on libgaim, and like irssi, is the acknowledged leader in multi-protocol IM.

This is an interesting and great trend for OpenSource Macintosh software. By taking these tried and true pieces of free code, and building the UI elements that make them an exciting part of Aqua, these developers are really pushing OSX into some interesting places. I never imagined that there would be such a wealth of cool apps coming out of the OS movement… Just don’t forget to throw them a few bucks to keep the updates coming.