Tame your Email with Mail.appetizer

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Stefan Schüßler has written one of the most incredibly cool add-ons for Mail.app that I’ve seen. If you know anyone with a PC, then you’ve probably seen Outlook 2003. Have you noticed the cool translucent new mail notification it offers? When new mail arrives (it may only work with Exchange mailboxes) it momentarily floats up a little window on the screen with the email info… then it fades away. It’s cool. Well, now you can do it (even better) with Mail.app. Mail.appetizer over at Bronsonbeta.com does it. This software add-on has tons of features… you can resize the popup to whatever size you want, move it to any location on your screen (or screens). Change the font… It now even shows the photo from AddressBook if you have one… it can show multiple messages, pausing a specified time in between each one. Mail.appetizer is managed via the Mail.app prefs.

It’s simply the coolest thing I’ve seen, and has already changed how I read mail. Now I can keep Mail.app tucked away in the dock and recover my 2nd screen. I have two screens, but Mail is always up in one and I’ve tended to leave it alone so as to see my Mail… now I can put it away and let Mail.appetizer screen my email! Amazing.