Cold Reset HP JetDirect

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I’ve had a HP 2300 laser printer for a while, and it’s been the best printer I’ve ever had. The duplexing unit works perfectly. However, I didn’t spring for the networking option, as I had an external JetDirect, which I’ve been using. But then I saw the internal JD card on ebay for $20 (it was a $100 option new) so I grabbed it. Of course it came setup for wherever it was snagged from- in this case some military IP address range. So resetting it was impossible till I tracked down the page that shows how to cold reset this little bugger.

This is the page you need to read.

Here is what you do, btw for the 2300:

Turn off the printer. Turn it on and hold the green checkmark button until all three lights are on. When the lights are on, stop pressing the checkmark. When Select Language appears, press the Up Arrow button to select Cold Reset and press the green checkmark button again.