Will the 770 be the next Newton?

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This past week, at the 2006 World Wide Newton Conference mastermind Paul Guyot introduced to the world the next step in his Newton emulation environment, Einstein + Relativity. Paul has had the Newton running (emulated) on the Mac for a couple of years. Now he has built it for ARM based Linux devices. Mmmmm…. I wonder what else is a cool ARM-based Linux device?

While Einstein doesn’t work now on the 770, myself and a few others have been emailing Paul and he has been incredibly responsive to us. He has built a few test binaries and he thinks he has a proper toolchain setup to target the 770. The first showstopper with his Zaurus build was that his Zaurus has libstdc++6, while the 770 has libstdc++5.

Hopefully he will whip up something interesting in the next day or so… stay tuned. I’ll update by blog as soon as there is anything Newtish that will run on the 770.

This will be incredible when it works.