A new Era Dawns

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NewtOS/Einstein works on the 770!

This is developing, but it works at this point, once you disable the kernel-watchdog and kill Matchbox to free up enough RAM for Einstein to launch. I’ll post a more detailed receipe of what I did later today, when I get some free time.


Photos of Newton Booting on Nokia 770

Paul has put up the
Einstein Platform 2006 ( for Nokia 770) on his site.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a Newton ROM to make this work. Paul has a Newton Emulator for the Mac (on that same page) that has a special application that will dump a Newton ROM over the network to your Macintosh. Using a MP2100 ROM is the best idea.

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  1. […] Kallisys’ Paul Guyot, who ported Einstein on the Zaurus, has also successfully created a version for the Maemo platform, which runs on the Nokia 770. Andy Diller was lucky enough to try it out on his 770 and posted some pictures. […]

  2. […] When I get my bonus check in March, I’ve decided that part of it will go to pay for a Nokia 770. It’s got wifi, bluetooth, USB, and it runs Linux. It’s also possible now to boot Einstein on it. I’m hoping that it will be everything that the PSP is not. Then again, the PSP is really meant to be a gaming console and not a Palm-like device. But how sweet if it were….    […]

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