700 Ebooks and FBreader – Missing the Point

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So I was fighting with FBreader for a long time, and not understanding why it was so great- until I realized a few basic things, which I’ll pass along– in case you haven’t been using it for all your reading lately.

  • Rotate the screen 90 deg
  • Go full-screen
  • Use the rocker button, which is now on the right-hand side to move a page at a time
  • The Library and place keeper (remembers where you were between sessions) only seem to work with FBreader files
  • Get the latest version, it fixes some bugs.

Once I had these things going, I’ve been reading almost non-stop on this thing. I had a week vacation and had all my reading on it- and the screen is so sharp you can read on it all day and not strain your eyes. I did bump up the font size one pixel.

And I’m not reading just the classics, i.e. Gutenberg. How can you read the good stuff? I’ll talk about that in my next entry, which I’m working on: The Dark Underbelly of IRC and eBooks. Lets just say that “they are out there.” Hint.