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Update on ebook reading with the 770: Adam Wolf kindly alerted me to his page where you can clearly see what I am talking about in terms of the haptics involved with reading on the 770. Thanks Adam for taking those shots. This is where the size of the 770 clearly comes into play. Any thing larger and it would be too uncomfortable to hold like this. I’ll say again too that the sharpness of the screen helps tremendously. One of the nice things about using the 770 is reading in low light situations. The bad thing is that you can’t read outside.

It’s been difficult for me to track down how you make a FBreader formatted book, but I have recently had some success in doing that. I’m working a post that explains the procedure. Unfortunately, it seems to require MS Word at this point, so if you don’t have that application, and a PC to run it on, AFAIK, you are out of luck making them. More later.

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  1. milen

    There is a great application for the Fiction Books (FB2) creation – Fiction Book Designer:
    (don’t panic the page is in Russian – just download and install it, it’s free for non-comercial use, then press “Help” -› “Self Teaching”, choose the topic of your interest and follow the screen instructions.)

    You can download a lot of books in FB2 format (direct from your 770) at:
    For English ones click on english alphabet and choose the author.


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