Updated Newton Emulator for 770

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Paul Guyot released this email to the NewtonTalk (a Newton list). He had a special showing of his latest build of Einstein Platform 2006 at the Apple store in Ginza. Here is a picture of the participants, Newtons in hand. The 770 build is going to be released shortly– if you have a Zaurus, you can grab it now and try it out. I’ll post more when he releases the 770 build.

Here is Paul’s Message:

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Einstein Platform 2006.6 for
MacOS X (PowerPC and Intel) and for arm-linux.

What is Einstein Platform?

Einstein Platform is a way to transform a computer in a Newton
device. It’s NewtonOS taking over existing architectures.

Einstein Platform 2006.6 was revealed yesterday night at the Einstein
Night at AppleStore Ginza. It features full screen support (with
rotation) as well as Relativity.

What is Relativity?

Relativity is Einstein Platform latest technology. It allows the
merge of host and newton technologies inside Einstein Packages. It is
easy to use and developers can take advantage of anything on the
host, from OpenGL on the Mac to Japanese Handwriting Recognition on
the Zaurus.


Einstein Platform, with the documentation and two relativity sample
codes, can be downloaded from my website:

You can also download the Einstein Night slides as well as the
previous slides.

A Nokia 770 version will be available soon.

What’s new?

– Initial release of Relativity for Einstein.
– Accelerated some transfers between Einstein and Host.
– Einstein Platform now runs full screen on MacOS X.
– Included several keyboard mappings.
– Update of PortAudio (from CVS).
– Included a new set of icons by Michael Vacík. The toolbar icons
reflect the state of Einstein.
– The state is now shown on the screen (instead of just: screen is off).
– Improved the Cocoa preferences panel.
– Included AppleScript support to evaluate newton script code and to
install packages.
– Fixed an endianess problem with the Cocoa screen manager on Intel
– Fixed a bad bug in the memory emulation that caused crashes,
especially with the JIT page cache.
– Fixed a bug yielding to an abort when the platform was quitted.
– Fixed a bug with CoreAudio sound on Intel machine.
– PortAudio sound driver now reverts samples an little endian targets.
– The tablet region was incorrectly limited to 1023×1023. It’s now
set to NewtonOS size (2047×2047).

update: the Nokia 770 version should be out this weekend (june 10/11)

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