ITOS 2006 and IM

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So the new IM client on ITOS’06 is really nice. Of course it does Google, and through that Google Talk- but it also seems to be a full featured Jabber client.

At my company, we’ve installed our own Jabber server for internal IM. I was able to easily add a new “account” and connect to that Jabber server- and the Nokia IM client pulled in all those contacts as well and aggregates them together with the Gmail contacts. Nice work. Some screen shots below show the story.

770B3 Two Imaccounts-1
The Account Control Panel (this is after I added in my work Jabber account)

770B2 Jabber Setup-1
Adding a new account, specify your own Jabber server (or account at

770B5 Status 2 Accounts
Now status shows both accounts (Google is the talk icon, Jabber is the lightbulb)

770B6 Contact From Both Im
And my contacts for both accounts are all in there.

This looks to be a great release. I was worried that we wouldn’t see this till later summer. Its amazing that Nokia has this much in the beta already.

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