Lost and Found Again: VT102

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No good retro setup involving Unix can be legit without one. I had actually found a new-in-the-box VT102 once back in the 90s in Maryland at some recycling center. I used it for years but lost in moves around MD NJ and PA. I’ve been watching eBay for years trying to justify getting one again but the pricing is outrageous for them. I recently found a nice listing and while it was $300 I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

It arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came in the original box with original packing, manuals, powecord and even plastic around the keyboard. The listing didn’t mention the original packaging at all.

Now that I have this I’m going to connect it to my other recent DEC buy, a Pro-350 Workstation. It even came with a HD in it. I have also purchased a refurbished set for RD-50 floppies and a refurbished MFM drive if the one in it won’t work.


Box and terminal with cables and manuals:

IMG 2445


IMG 2442


IMG 2446

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