EEE 1201n Ubuntu Karmic – Good Results

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So the EEEbuntu 3 install (based on Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty) was too flakey, and while I had the ION working great, I still had no ethernet or wifi. EEEbuntu is working on release 4 (based on debian) but they haven’t even released a beta yet. So, being bored I wiped the EEEbuntu and replaced it with a stock 32bit Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 (karmic)good installation.

The good news is that Ubuntu allowed me to install the Nvidia 185.18 driver right after boot (it detected the ION automatically) and this version is working with suspending. The better news is that wired ethernet worked out of the box!

I’ve since then found some easy directions to get wifi working (using the win2k drivers and NDISwrapper- I’ll post this up soon).

I’m much happier with Ubuntu Karmic, and I’ll be following up soon with some more detailed posts about what I’ve done with the 1201N.

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