EEE 1201N – Wifi working in Karmic Ubuntu

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To get your wifi working on the 1201N in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) is really pretty easy, once you have the right driver for windows and use the NDISWrapper packages for Ubuntu. I found the critical link here on LaunchPad. The wierd thing is that the wifi in the 1201N is a Realtek 8191, and is mis-reported by the lspci command, since the device is not even registered with the database lspci uses.

So the link on the Launchpad discussion is here. Down load this, it contains the driver for the wifi and the commands to execute as root to install the NDISwrapper packages from the repos. I ran it, added ndiswrapper to /etc/modules so that it loaded on reboot and after the reboot the wifi worked right away and connected to my local WPA2 AP. It also works after resume.

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